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Interesting Slovak Anecdote

Repairs. When the wife broke the tiny european washing machine by overloading it, my problem solving skills kicked into high gear. I instantly took the thing apart to diagnose the issue. I quickly discovered the belt on the motor broke. Well I thought, this is a simple part, should be easy to find and replace. Nope. Apparently in Slovakia people don’t mess with the voodoo that lurks in their home appliances. Every appliance store we went to just referred us to this local repair guy that must fill his days fixing hausen-fraus washing machines and refrigerators.

Being American, having that can do spirit, I said no way am I paying someone to replace a simple belt. The local repair guy wouldn’t even sell me one. So we found the part number online, ordered it and had it shipped via courier. Saved a fortune I’m sure. The part came in today, I proceeded to take the million screws out, remove the side panel and wrap the worlds tightest belt on this mini washing machine. Problem solved, works great. But the experience left me wondering, why aren’t replacement parts common around here? I guess they feel it takes a professional to fix most things, but I come from the land of duct tape.

Carl Moebis

Carl Moebis

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