There is the small bubble with your friends and family, the medium sized bubble, which consists of your community and locality and the large bubble, your culture and country. I lived in the United States for most of my life and thought it was the greatest country on Earth. I still do. But great doesn't always

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My latest mad hatter final cut franken#mashup. Add a little iPhone video, a pinch of FCPX effects, and a dash of magic and you get "lazy eye"... enjoy!

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I think Apple fucked up with the way they approached the Apple watch. None of the reviews I read explored how the Apple Watch came into being. Remember when the iPod nano was getting so small, 3rd party accessories started popping up to make it wearable? Turn your 6th gen iPod nano into a watch? The

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After a long week of fending off hackers trying to use brute force password guessing to ssh into my clients servers, I realized my naming conventions were wreaking all kinds of havok on my administrative tasks. I had to come up with a system that would take into consideration a myriad of "situations". It had to

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Repairs. When the wife broke the tiny european washing machine by overloading it, my problem solving skills kicked into high gear. I instantly took the thing apart to diagnose the issue. I quickly discovered the belt on the motor broke. Well I thought, this is a simple part, should be easy to find and replace. Nope.

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