About me

About me
Carl Moebis / Bohemian Polymath

25 years of web development, design, marketing, and technology solutions over several generations, iterations, platforms and trends. Having lived through the steady progression of computer generations, I grew up along side technology and witnessed its evolution.

My first PC was a Seequa Chameleon with a 9 inch green monochrome screen and two 5.25 inch floppy drives. This was in 1983 and it was x86 and CP/M compatible, running a 8088 Intel processor and a Z80 processor. At that time both were popular and ran simple DOS based operating systems.

Stepping into the digital age
Flashback to the days of ASCII and ANSI art

My background with graphic arts, programming and networking was an ideal fit for settling into a creative solutions provider career with my main focus on web technologies. My proficiencies include all major CMS such as: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Ghost. All HTML 5 and CSS 3 compliant including node.js and twitter bootstrap where applicable. I have a particular fondness of new web technologies.

computer source code

I currently work in marketing and communications, where I bring the full depth of my eclectic talents to bear on various campaigns. No other field of work can draw from so many skillsets at once.