Disco Diffusion and AI Art

Disco Diffusion is a free tool that you can use to create “AI” generated art. You can create machine learning generated images and videos with it. It's a software written in Python, and meant to be run in a Google Colab notebook.

Disco Diffusion and AI Art
Credit u/Bluetechofficial Reddit

I have been teaching myself Blender 3D animation and rendering over the last year when I started noticing all of these headlines for AI generative art. The first one I started to experiment with is called "Disco Diffusion" and has yielded some interesting results. You simply customize some settings, give it some prompts and art styles to mimic and voila!

You can obtain some interesting results by getting creative with these text prompts:

text_prompts = {
0: ["psychedelics, acid, fractals, trippy, digital art, abstract, cosmic, Constrast, Saturation, Vibrant, Intricate Detail, Finely Detailed, Small Details, Extra Detail, Photorealistic, High Resolution, 3D, VRay, 8k, octane, Trending on Artstation, HDR, CG Society"],

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